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Apple As I was casually browsing around today, I came across this blog post. It's about the recently released VLC media player for the iPad, which you can use to play just about any video under the sun on your iPad. The blog post is a complaint about a bit of help text that's not properly rendered inside the application - annoying, but no dealbreaker. Until I actually read the text - this is how you're supposed to get content on your iPad?
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RE[4]: This isn't new...
by Neolander on Thu 23rd Sep 2010 05:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This isn't new..."
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Also, and maybe more importantly, iTMS requires a credit card. People in The Netherlands don't pay with credit cards - we have regular bank cards with checking accounts for that. Credit cards are nearly exclusively used while travelling.

Wrong. At least here in france, you can buy "iTunes tickets" and use them to pay online on a €10 ticket = €10 online basis. It's one of the things done best (not right, doing it right would require a non-proprietary online banking solution) by Apple on their modern line of products, I must give credit where it's due.

(Also, aside from being a security hell and not being used worldwide, the credit card system prevents childrens from buying things, which is especially funny for something mainly targeted at them)

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