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Apple As I was casually browsing around today, I came across this blog post. It's about the recently released VLC media player for the iPad, which you can use to play just about any video under the sun on your iPad. The blog post is a complaint about a bit of help text that's not properly rendered inside the application - annoying, but no dealbreaker. Until I actually read the text - this is how you're supposed to get content on your iPad?
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How many of those problems were caused by you?

Or from them trying to follow your advice?

< butt in >

Wrong order. Ordinairy mortal souls only ask for help when they are absolutely stuck. When their own illogical "magic" fails, they try to convince a geek they should be helped.

I will concede though that, when the excrement hits the fan, a geek probably is going to cause more additional trouble with unintuitive "automagic" programs when called for help than another computer illiterate.

< /butt in >

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