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Qt After many months of designing, coding, reviewing, testing and documenting, Qt 4.7.0 is finally ready for the big time. Although it's a little more than nine months since Qt's last feature release (4.6.0 on December 1, 2009), the seeds of some of the new stuff in 4.7 were sown much earlier. Indeed, many of the ideas behind the biggest new feature in Qt 4.7.0, Qt Quick, were born more than two years ago, not long after Qt 4.4 was released
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Just use GTK then. I don't think we really need yet another GUI library.

Let's see. Is there a c++ GUI library that:

1) does not have proprietary language extensions?
2) does not depend on external tools?
3) is only about GUI?
4) follows object-oriented principles cleanly?
5) reuses the STL or STL-like principles?
6) reuses the native widgets?

Let's take one library at a time:

a) Qt fails at #1 and #2 and #3 and #5 and #6.
b) GTK is C, not C++; GTKMM has some serious problems (even the authors say don't use the latest version, it contains serious regressions).
c) MFC fails at #3, #4 and #5.
d) ATL/WTL fails at #4 and #5.
e) wxWidgets fail at #4 and #5.

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Use .NET or Java. Let's not continue to waste time with C++ as it's a horrible language and for most GUI apps, you don't need the "speed" it provides.

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I think you are horrible.

C first appeared in 1972, C++ in 1983. They're in use today, and will be for the next 40 years.

You will not survive until that, C/C++ will. Neither Java/.NET will.

So who is the horrible here?

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Neither language you propose have a good quality GUI library. Swing is very tedious to program, Windows Forms is tied to Windows.

Furthermore, I program real time applications for a living, and I don't think that both languages are suitable for me.

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the fact that none of those toolkits fulfill all your criteria should say something.

Maybe YOU can be the genius that designs a library that fits your very specific needs?

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