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Internet & Networking "Evercookie is a javascript API available that produces extremely persistent cookies in a browser. Its goal is to identify a client even after they've removed standard cookies, Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects or LSOs), and others. Evercookie accomplishes this by storing the cookie data in several types of storage mechanisms that are available on the local browser. Additionally, if evercookie has found the user has removed any of the types of cookies in question, it recreates them using each mechanism available."
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RE[5]: Something has to be done
by j-kidd on Fri 24th Sep 2010 12:45 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Something has to be done"
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So "not using gmail" is somehow equivalent to "not using web"?

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RE[6]: Something has to be done
by ndrw on Fri 24th Sep 2010 16:01 in reply to "RE[5]: Something has to be done"
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You're simply talking about a different problem, one that is totally unimportant to me.

I'm OK letting Google read my emails to friends (who are mostly using GMail anyway). I'm OK letting my bank know how much money I have. I'm OK letting a railway company know where do I travel... I am OK with all of that because these are different organizations, I explicitly agreed to use their services and risks to privacy are well understood (in particular there is no single party that has all the knowledge).

What happens on the web is very different. Almost all websites distribute cookies from a handful of major players, be it from Google, Facebook or someone else.

Several examples:
- BBC, CBS - Google
- CNN - Facebook
- Amazon - Google
- OSNews - Google
- Slashdot - Google
- a well known xxx site - Google
- YouTube, Google Maps,... - (no prize for guessing who)
Hell, even logon page of my online banking is pulling some crap from a third-party stats site.

Fast forward several years and all websites will be shipping these cookies. So regardless of whether you're using GMail or not, Google or some other advertising agency will know more about you than you do.

Looks like we fell into an endless loop, so if no one else wants to comment on this thread then it's EOT for me.

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