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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, we have the iPad out and about for a while now, doing its thing, most likely selling well. Of course, others want a piece of that pie as well, so we see tablets pop up all over the place, most of which are either ultra-low budget junk or vapourware (how that's Adam coming along, Notion Ink?). Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer proudly held up HP's Windows 7-powered Slate - but then, HP bought Palm, canned the Slate, promised a webOS tablet, and then resurrected the Slate as an enterprise product. Now we have a video of the Windows 7-powered Slate. Let's compare it to Samsung's detailed overview of its Galaxy Tab, and see ever so clearly why HP canned the darn thing in the first place.
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I can understand its utility on a machine used by power users doing heavy work but it is particularly unsuitable for a "consumption device" intended for everybody.

...which this device isn't.

This is an enterprise device. Domain logons require ctrl+alt+del. This makes PERFECT sense, and is NOTHING to snicker over.

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Why on earth would you use a tablet for the enterprise? I mean, what is the use case here?

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To show off with a keyboard-less netbook that shines, probably.

Well, that worked with cellphones, so it could work with the netbook...

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