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Java Oracle has made some decisions about Java: in order to release JDK 7 in the middle of next year, they have decided to change priorities and specifically, postpone three features: Jigsaw, Lambda and Coin.
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Java vs other languages
by shashank_hi on Sat 25th Sep 2010 02:23 UTC
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I use Java, almost exclusively, for my programming needs. I tried Ruby for about a year. It was must faster to develop code in Ruby, but it was a pain to debug and maintain it. This has been an issue with almost all dynamic languages. Perl offers to check variable declaration for you, which puts it a step above most dynamic languages, but OOPS in Perl is an afterthought, which makes larger projects get ugly very quickly. Moreover, when Java is used in an IDE, it is a delight to work with, which has me coming back to it all the time.

C# is the only serious contender to Java, in my opinion. With the Mono projects, C# is not platform specific anymore. I've often considered switching to C#, especially to take advantage of its association with .NET, but never got around. Mostly because a lot of the dependencies I use are written in Java, and partly because I'm quite familiar with Java. So I don't think I'm abandoning it soon. But, at the end of the day, it needs to evolve. Closures would definitely provide a major boost to my code cleanliness. Too bad that it won't show up anytime soon.

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RE: Java vs other languages
by Tuishimi on Sat 25th Sep 2010 03:56 in reply to "Java vs other languages"
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There are some powerful IDEs for Java... And of course J2EE has everything you could imagine in it including the kitchen sink... not to mention a vast community of developers that have been creating libraries and utilities for Java over the past decade or so.

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RE: Java vs other languages
by Tuishimi on Sat 25th Sep 2010 04:01 in reply to "Java vs other languages"
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Oh, and don't forget to try Perl 6.0 when it is finally released. ;)

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RE: Java vs other languages
by moondevil on Sun 26th Sep 2010 06:36 in reply to "Java vs other languages"
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If you are only targeting Windows platforms, then using .Net makes lots of sense.

But if you plan to go multi-platform and are betting on Mono for that, then good luck.

Where are all the Unix, AS/400 tools for application server and clustering support that .Net(in Windows) and Java offer, in the Mono world?

And lets not forget that Mono only supports the .Net APIs partially.

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