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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this certainly isn't particularly surprising. The rising popularity of Android leaves more victims in its wake than just Windows Mobile. Sony Ericsson, one of the major manufacturers of Symbian phones (other than Nokia) has just announced it will pretty much abandon the platform to focus entirely on Android - leaving Nokia as the sole person cheering for team Symbian.
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Remember when everybody was saying Android would never catch up with iOS? Or that Apple would utterly dominate the market by 2012?

Nokia is still the dominant force, after three years (yeah, the iPhone was launched only three years ago) of not fighting back. The latest reports even show they are getting some market share back ( ). Every wannabee John Gruber out there point out that Apple makes more money than everybody else, but market share is far more important for leverage (especially for app developpers). Even some sh*tty ringtone like "crazy frog" makes more money than Angry Birds ever did with the AppStore. Now that consumers think that a mobile app must cost 0.99$, only the market share makes a platform attractive.

Now add the Qt SDK. Writing software for Symbian has never been easy; now it is easier than any competing platform.

Now add carrier billing with Ovi Store.

Also, as we have here many open-source fans, add Google not even knowing what open source is ( ); compare that to Nokia's experience and attitude with FOSS.

Nokia's the only one on board with Symbian? No surprise. Sony Ericsson is hardly earning any money, so they need to ride the Android hype. They'll come back to Symbian one day - if they still exist. But the future of Nokia and Symbian isn't as bleak as US-centered analysts and bloggers make it.

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Not sure whether SE will come back to Symbian. Adopting MeeGo seems a more likely way -- at least for smart phones. SE uses its own proprietary OS for lower and phones (the Walkman lineup for example).

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We all also forgot that Sony Ericsson is working on a playstation-branded android phone; that requires a lot of work on software and hardware! So they cut off their symbian effort and they try to have a return on all the investment that made on Android (custom skin, game SDK).

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