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Java Oracle has made some decisions about Java: in order to release JDK 7 in the middle of next year, they have decided to change priorities and specifically, postpone three features: Jigsaw, Lambda and Coin.
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RE[4]: the less the better
by moondevil on Sun 26th Sep 2010 06:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: the less the better"
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They were done that way to keep backwards compatibility.

How would you feel, if you had to go back and rewrite your applications in order to be able to use a new compiler version?

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RE[5]: the less the better
by snowbender on Sun 26th Sep 2010 20:47 in reply to "RE[4]: the less the better"
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Can you explain that?

As long as they put new generic classes in new namespaces, and leave the old non-generic classes as is, you would preserve backwards compatibility, no?

That is something that i never understood. I like generics, but i do think that in Java it is implemented as a hack. Not really as part of the language, but more something like a preprocessor for the compiler.

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sergio Member since:

Generics was implemented for marketing purposes (even Gosling was against it). In 2005, you have to have "generics" in the feature list because It sounded cool and trendy (and C# had it).

Now, It's the same story with Lambda, Closures and so on.

Google uses java 1.4 for Android for a reason: They're smart. Simplicity and coherence are better than any other feature.

IMHO If you want syntactic-sugar then use an scripting language like Groovy, JRuby or a DSL!!!

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