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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this certainly isn't particularly surprising. The rising popularity of Android leaves more victims in its wake than just Windows Mobile. Sony Ericsson, one of the major manufacturers of Symbian phones (other than Nokia) has just announced it will pretty much abandon the platform to focus entirely on Android - leaving Nokia as the sole person cheering for team Symbian.
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Perhaps as a Maemo current user, I'll have to accept Meego future user-ship. As an N900 device owner; I can easily install Meego and Android along side Maemo - yes, a tripple boot phone without discouragement from the vendor. Heck, I can toss Debian and Ubuntu into the mix.

I did the same thing with the N800; I didn't want to drop my Maemo4 cold turkey so I kept it in a dualboot while building out my Maemo5 install. The N810 came out with Maemo5 so in that case I simply dualbooted so I'd have the original little install in onboard storage and my fully filled out bootup on a partitioned SD card (I don't burn out the write cycles in the non-removable storage and I don't get limited by the size of the non-removable storage).

I'd agree that there are lingering questions that depend on how Meego fills out but "fucked" is a bit of a stretch given the ongoing activity in the Maemo repositories and potential for developers to port over to Meego or remain with Maemo until forked or Nokia shuts the servers down.

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