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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this certainly isn't particularly surprising. The rising popularity of Android leaves more victims in its wake than just Windows Mobile. Sony Ericsson, one of the major manufacturers of Symbian phones (other than Nokia) has just announced it will pretty much abandon the platform to focus entirely on Android - leaving Nokia as the sole person cheering for team Symbian.
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(Why they agreed to have Meego based on Moblin's RPM rather than a direct fork of Debian; I'll never figure out.)

They went for the LSB. Also:
-they use tools primarily developped for RPM distributions, such as OBS (OpenSUSE Build System -compatible with .deb, but developped for SUSE);
-they may have been convinced by delta-RPMs (sure you can download updates via wifi, but Nokia's always though of the whole world, not only the US, so they may already think about minimizing bandwidth usage in countries where 3G will always be more available than wifi - many African courntries, for example, have never got widespead landlines (because of the fragility and theft of copper wires) so they jumped straight to cellular for all their communication needs);
-they also went for zypper, the fast, light on RAM, and intelligent (more than others) package manager;
-and openSUSE's one-click installs.

Source: dev lists and my own dot-connecting.
You're right to feel offensed, though, as they didn't explained themselves properly.

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