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Google A few days ago I dove into the lawsuit filed by Skyhook against Google, and came to the conclusion that Skyhook's case - while an entirely plausible sequence of events considering Google is a big company and hence prone to abuse - simply wasn't a very good one. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has given a rather generic-looking statement on the matter, but however generic it may be, there's a hint in there.
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RE[3]: It's deja vu all over again
by tony on Mon 27th Sep 2010 21:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: It's deja vu all over again"
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"Linux (Android)
Meh. I would like people to stop saying Android is a linux platform: the kernel is, for all means and purpose, forked, so it is not part of the linux ecosystem anymore (no contribution from google to linux, or the opposite - that's even worse than a distro fork), neither is the userspace enclosed in the dalvik VM : no reuse of existing software and libraries, no improvement in software management.
MeeGo is a linux OS; Android is not even a fork, it's a spin-off.

This is a common Nokia fanboy talking point, but it's one I don't get. How is Android "not Linux", and how does any of the reasons you state make it not Linux, and why does it even matter? I mean, there are valid points Nokia fanboys have, but this isn't among them.

To a regular phone user, who cares if it's forked, or if there's a VM. That's all in the background, stuff they don't care about.

And so what if Android is "forked". Isn't that what Linux is for? A framework that you can use and customize to your specific needs? They're abiding by the GPL, by the letter and the spirit of open source, and how is it any different than Meego or Maemo (which one are they using again?). They'll all based on Linux, modifying it as they need. That's what Linux is for. The Nokia fanboy argument isn't even semantic, it's contrived pedantic.

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