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Fedora Core The Fedora 14 Beta was released today, but as a Network World article points out, it "will be the first Red Hat supported distribution to let users choose MeeGo as their desktop." This new release will also include the Sugar interface, intended for netbooks, and "will also be the first version to fully incorporate Red Hat's VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), called SPICE, or Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments. SPICE will allow Fedora to host virtual desktops that can be accessed over a network."
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No systemd is the big news....
by rklrkl on Wed 29th Sep 2010 06:41 UTC
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I remain sceptical about tablets in general (netbooks are far more useful at the moment), so the big news for me was that they've ditched systemd in F14 beta and won't include it in F14 final either. We'll have to wait until F15 next year to see systemd, which is a shame because I'd rather have several seconds taken off my boot time than worry about Meego/Sugar/etc.

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Maybe because there where still quiet a few people with problems with Upstart on Ubuntu ? Thus showing parallel startup might need a bit more work before they release it on the general public.

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