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Fedora Core The Fedora 14 Beta was released today, but as a Network World article points out, it "will be the first Red Hat supported distribution to let users choose MeeGo as their desktop." This new release will also include the Sugar interface, intended for netbooks, and "will also be the first version to fully incorporate Red Hat's VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), called SPICE, or Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments. SPICE will allow Fedora to host virtual desktops that can be accessed over a network."
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RE[5]: Comment by Radio
by Radio on Wed 29th Sep 2010 13:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Radio"
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It's large (and old, too). Extract the part of it which you want to use in your argumentation.
I was especially thinking at "MISTAKE 2" and "MISTAKE 5".

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RE[6]: Comment by Radio
by Neolander on Wed 29th Sep 2010 13:47 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Radio"
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Mistake 2 : Well, I'm not sure that I agree with him on this one. He seems to disagree with use of the layer/selection/path paradigm in GIMP because it's too complicated and he thinks that it was only introduced for photoshop compatibility.

But there's a reason why photoshop is using this paradigm : though difficult to learn, it's powerful in the end. AFAIK, a UI paradigm for these tasks that's at the same time simpler and just as powerful has not been found yet.

Maybe the author means that GIMP should switch to a simpler paradigm (like that of MSpaint) at the expense of image editing power. But then I disagree : casual editing is not the main usage pattern envisioned by gimp designers, so they should remain consistent with that, even if it alienates casual users. Alas, software design is about choice.

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RE[7]: Comment by Radio
by Neolander on Wed 29th Sep 2010 13:55 in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Radio"
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Mistake 5 : I don't think that GIMP devs don't listen to their users. I use it since 2.4, and there have been great improvements in usability in successive releases... Let me quote some things.

-2.6 : Tool windows (puts an end to the window focus hell), modifiable selections (VERY handy), menus moved on top of the windows in order to make them simpler (the older ones were quite obfuscated), better lasso (polygonal selection on 2.4 was awful)
-2.8 : Easier alpha to selection (it's often done, so it should be optimized), layer grouping, much better brush dynamics, single-mode windows for those who like it (and can be disabled for people who like it the other way like me), better brushes included by default...

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