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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "I am truly shocked that so many people are being duped by BlackBerry's recent announcement of their tablet, the PlayBook. I have read endless comments from people who are saying they can't wait to get this tablet computer. Well, I think I have some bad news for you folks. There is no evidence that the PlayBook exist as advertised. Why do I say this? I will make it brief..."
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They'll get it out
by coreyography on Thu 30th Sep 2010 17:12 UTC
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It is the end of the third quarter. They probably preannounced to pump their stock price a bit. Frankly, I'd be surprised that they would have a fully-working device like this in so short a time after their QNX acquisition.

I wish them success, if for no other reason than to get QUX a little more visibility. And I hope that RIM avoids their tendency to sell their devices on its "enterprise-y" capabilities while downplaying those devices' relatively low-spec hardware.

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