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Bugs & Viruses "To mark the first anniversary of Microsoft Security Essentials, the company has released some sobering statistics it has gathered during the past year via the free anti-malware software. According to Microsoft, Security Essentials has been installed on 31 million computers worldwide. Out of that group, 27 million users reported malware infections during the year."
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by darknexus on Thu 30th Sep 2010 21:15 UTC
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I didn't personally have much luck with MSE. It seemed to handle all the test infections I through at it, but it had an annoying habbit of accessing my disk constantly for minutes at a time and thus slowing down my machine. It would also sometimes ramp up my CPU usage to 80% for no apparent reason and make the CPU fan fire up for a good ten minutes before it settled down again. All of this despite the fact that I had explicitly disabled periodic full system scans and scheduled scans, so in the end I removed it.

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by bassbeast on Thu 30th Sep 2010 21:58 in reply to "MSE"
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You might want to try it again. I too noticed the same about a year ago when I first tried it and switched to Comodo, which I still use on XP and Vista, but for some reason Comodo didn't seem to play nice with certain windows updates nor the Windows 7 system restore (I use SR to test apps for compatibility).

So I decided to give it another try about a month ago and MSE works great now. Same as you I don't do auto scanning and MSE has so far been well behaved and stayed out of my way. So you might want to give it another try, they seem to be fixing the older bugs quite quickly and have a pretty solid product now. And of course you can't beat free!

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by molnarcs on Thu 30th Sep 2010 22:05 in reply to "MSE"
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I have exactly the opposite experience - MSE was the only antivirus I could find that is unnoticable on any system I've tried it on.

Started using it on my old laptop that came with XP, core 2 duo. Sold it (was too heavy) and bought a netbook. Never ever noticed any slowdown due to MSE there either. Granted, my netbook is a fairly powerful one (the ASUS 1201N, comes with dual core Atom, Win7 and NVIDIA ION), but I also installed it on my girlfriend's crappy Acer (the standard Atom 270, 1 Gb Ram, WinXP). She's very happy with her current setup - after removing all the vendor crap and the horrible MacAffee antivir, performance doubled, better than new she said. Lastly, I have it on my PC without any problems, but no surprise there, I have a quad core that could handle even Norton I guess. Well, I wouldn't bet too much money on that, but you get the idea...

All in all, I'm really happy with MSE, it stays out of the way, easy to forget you even have it until you plug in an infected pendrive (a word of advice here: you have to enable scanning usb storage, MS for some reason has it disabled by default).

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RE[2]: MSE
by darknexus on Thu 30th Sep 2010 22:51 in reply to "RE: MSE"
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It was about a month ago that I was trying it out. I was surprised myself how poorly it performed for me, since most people loved it. Maybe I have an obscure driver conflict somewhere, it wouldn't be the first time. My system is an Athlon-64 3400+ 2.4ghz single-core with 2 gb of ddr-433 ram. Should be more than enough to handle MSE, but I never got it to perform acceptably. Avast on the other hand runs perfectly on it, so I went back to that. I don't use that machine daily anyway, I don't put AV software on machines I use regularly. Firefox with noscript/adblock/ghostery and a firewall take care of that, and I don't pirate software so I'm not worried about anything coming in from that vector.

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