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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "I am truly shocked that so many people are being duped by BlackBerry's recent announcement of their tablet, the PlayBook. I have read endless comments from people who are saying they can't wait to get this tablet computer. Well, I think I have some bad news for you folks. There is no evidence that the PlayBook exist as advertised. Why do I say this? I will make it brief..."
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The original iPhone was only demonstrated by Jobs - it took them six months to get it to market. Sure, it was demoed - but that doesn't say anything. For all we knew, it was a simple Flash (lol) demo.

NO. Journalists were able to see the actual device and a few even got to touch it, where they saw some of the apps were unfinished but that it WAS an actual, working device.

We've seen nothing here to indicate that the Playbook actually WORKS or that there is a version of QNX that currently functions on that device as implied.

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