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General Development Anyone who did not see this one coming after Microsoft's patent deal with HTC and Apple's meticulousness in avoiding Windows Mobile in its suit against HTC hasn't been paying attention. Microsoft has filed a patent complaint with the US International Trade Commission, as well as a patent lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington against Motorola over its Android-based devices.
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Billions invested by MS in R&D ...
by JeffS on Fri 1st Oct 2010 22:01 UTC
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From Horatio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel of Intellectual Property and Licensing for Microsoft:

"We have a responsibility to our customers, partners, and shareholders to safeguard the billions of dollars we invest each year in bringing innovative software products and services to market."

All I can is, if Microsoft invested billions of dollars into developing a battery monitor and email synchronization, then they have some really lame-ass engineers. ;)

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gnemmi Member since:

No need to go all the way up to today ... this is the same company who gave us Windows Me ... lame-ass engineering is a Microsoft "trademark" ... I wonder if lame-ass engenieering isnĀ“t already a part of their patents porfolio ...

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patent # 157832 Method of hiring mentally challenged, constipated baboons to copy/steal/develop new products.

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No need to go all the way up to today ... this is the same company who gave us Windows Me ...

It's also the same company that's trying to go to the supreme court to save its own ass from patents:

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"We have a responsibility to our customers..."

Hahahahaha. This Microsoft dude is some comedian, and this is really sick joke. What customers? Nobody touches their mobile stuff with 10ft poole. And what customers get from patent litigation anyways?

That Redmond company is full of crazy wannabe-borg idiots who want to have frickin sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads, so they can scare people into buying their inferior and lock-in infested crap.

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MS advertised WGA as a way to product their customers from piracy. This is just more of the same language. Yes it's stupid and frankly offensive.

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