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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We've got some good news for Symbian, and we've got some bad news. We already had Sony Ericsson abandoning the Symbian platform, but today Samsung joined them in leaving Symbian behind. The good news is that Nokia has released some figures on downloads from its Ovi Store, and it ain't that bad, actually.
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Fettarme H-Milch
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I called Star Trek overrated crap - not you.

Read my comment. I never wrote that. You called Star Trek watchers nerds who like overrated crap.
And that was just a recent example of your tone.
If you want respect from people, treat them respectful yourself. If you don't want to be respectful to them, fine. But don't bitch if someone uses the same tone as you towards you.
Get off your double standard and we can talk.

"Engadget got it wrong as well

No, they did not. That link contains a direct quote from Samsung itself, stating they will drop Symbian. How can that be wrong?
Not your link. Their story from yesterday.

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RE[7]: Story is simply wrong
by helf on Sat 2nd Oct 2010 14:44 in reply to "RE[6]: Story is simply wrong"
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Can we take trolling somewhere else? I mean, really. I kinda stopped trolling a few years back when my balls dropped.

As for you, Thom. *points at DO NOT FEED sign* ;)

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