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Window Managers So, yeah, it's been ten years in the making, including a number of rewrites, but the day has finally come: the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, which, surprisingly enough, form the foundation of, among other things, Enlightenment, have reached beta status. This is a major step towards the final release of Enlightenment DR17, which should hit before year's end.
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RE: Comment by _xmv
by WorknMan on Mon 4th Oct 2010 09:40 UTC in reply to "Comment by _xmv"
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But hey, DR17 getting released, DNF being released as well, what kind of vaporware will we be able to complain about now ?!!

Yeah, I'm starting to wonder if hell froze over this year ;)

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RE[2]: Comment by _xmv
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 4th Oct 2010 09:52 in reply to "RE: Comment by _xmv"
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There's always the trusty GNU Hurd. It'll probably remain vaporware for years to come. Unfortunately we've lost two projects to joke about, but at least one major one remains...

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RE[3]: Comment by _xmv
by bannor99 on Mon 4th Oct 2010 11:57 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by _xmv"
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Looks like 2011 will be the Year of Vaporware Condensing. Of course, then the world will end in 2012 but we can celebrate the Apocalypse playing Duke Nukem Forever.

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RE[3]: Comment by _xmv
by WorknMan on Mon 4th Oct 2010 22:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by _xmv"
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There's always the trusty GNU Hurd.

Meh, Hurd doesn't really count. I mean, anybody really believe that was ever going to come out?

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RE[3]: Comment by _xmv
by tylerdurden on Wed 6th Oct 2010 01:19 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by _xmv"
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I don't think "vaporware" means what you think it does....

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RE[2]: Comment by _xmv
by aliquis on Mon 4th Oct 2010 16:01 in reply to "RE: Comment by _xmv"
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It all started with the release of a new Starcraft...

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RE[2]: Comment by _xmv
by sorpigal on Tue 5th Oct 2010 10:26 in reply to "RE: Comment by _xmv"
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We all go through this every now and then. Remember Wine 1.0? How about Mozilla 1.0? And I had similar thoughts when Star Craft II was released this year.

All in all as a long-time E16 user I am pleased to see E17 reaching maturity. You can really do some impressive things with it and I'd like some more modern E16 alternative that doesn't suck. Remember when there were dozens of interesting window managers and everyone used something different? Now most people don't know what a WM is, much less which they're running. Metacity, compiz, kwin and the die-hard minimalists are all you really hear of these days.

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