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OSNews, Generic OSes Once upon a time, operating systems used to matter a lot; they defined what a computer could and couldn't do... Today, there's only one operating system: Unix (okay, there are two, but we'll get to that). This is why I contend that the OS doesn't matter - or that we need to take another look at the word's content, at what we mean when we say 'Operating System'.
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The foundations do not matter anymore?
by ebasconp on Mon 4th Oct 2010 20:33 UTC
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Cannot believe what I read.

The author is right: the browser, the applications built on top of that, the games I can buy from an AppStore are what matters to people today.... but... saying that the foundations do not matter anymore sounds risky and very very inaccurate: Everything depends on the immediate layer below: A Java app depends on its Virtual Machine and the virtual machine depends on the underlying OS that hosts it.

Saying the OS does not matter anymore is saying that teaching how the computer works, memory management, processes, cach├ęs, thread schedulers and that very low level stuff is not needed anymore; having a future full of ignorant programmers depending on software written by their ancestors (because they will not have the knowledge to write or improve one) is not something I would want to see.

Saying that LEDs are not needed anymore because our TVs (built using LEDs) are too evolved to think on those basic things; would sound reasonable?

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