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Legal So, Apple has to pay boatloads of money to some patent troll over cover flow and Time Machine-related patents.
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do what Microshaft used to do during its climb to the top of the crime tables... Just buy the company in question when it comes forward there is a theft of IP or code base. Apple is the next Micro$haft, the current Sony of electronic garbage and there is not a thing lawsuits like this or you and I will do which will change this future for Apple. Fanboys should get over losing the luster of a once underdog company. The choices are less now than ever, if you want individualism simply stop buying Apple overpriced marginalized hardware and get 1/3 priced generic and install customized LINUX distros for your needs. Good luck, is your time worth any money?

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Oh damn, you forgot to also use "Crapple..."

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