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Legal So, Google has finally officially responded (thanks for hosting, Engadget) to Oracle's patent and copyright infringement lawsuit against the search giant's Android mobile operating system. Apart from boatloads of pages on how Google pretty much denies any and all claims, there's a lot of interesting stuff in there - stuff that doesn't seem to bode well if the courts do decide Google is infringing Oracle's patents. It also makes it crystal clear that anyone who values Free and open source software should avoid Oracle products like the plague.
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RE: Sorry Google stuffed up.
by wargum on Tue 5th Oct 2010 22:33 UTC in reply to "Sorry Google stuffed up."
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Look, if all you do is take a piece of FOSS and manipulate it in ways the license allowes you to and you can still be sued, something is terribly wrong.

I live in the EU, Germany to be specific. Software patents are illegal over here and an attempt to legalize software patents got rejected by the european parliament. It was the first time ever that the parliement rejected a bill that was proposed by the European Council.

So, at least for now, this is the sane part of the world I live in ;)

Think of the worst thing you can imagine, multiply this by infinity and you'll see just how bad software patents are.

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That is the problem, Google didn't manipulate it in ways that license allows. Oracle (or Sun) never released Java under ASL. They released it under GPL. Google decided that they will like to use reverse-engineered and ASL-licensed Harmony as base of Dalvik. GPL patent clause only work to protect GPL'd modification. Dalvik is viewed by Oracle as competitor because anybody can take it and make proprietary fork. IBM would like to do that. So that is probably biggest reason why they are suing.

Google could still rebase on OpenJDK and get out of this mess. OpenJDK class library is superior to that of Harmony.

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reverse-engineered and ASL-licensed Harmony as base of Dalvik.

What!?!?!? Harmony is not reverse engineered it's written to publicly available specification.

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