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Opera Software Since the launch of Opera 10.5 in March 2010, I've been using it as my primary browser, whether at work or at home. Using Ubuntu at work, and a Windows netbook at home, I wanted a fast browser for my netbook and a coherent browsing experience on both operating systems. And this is where Opera 10.5 (and newer) fits perfectly.
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RE[4]: WTF?
by fretinator on Wed 6th Oct 2010 13:52 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: WTF?"
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yes, but most trackpads don't have a middle button. I for one have never seen any with my own eyes, whether in real life or in photographs. Some don't support two-finger pressing the trackpad so that this action can be assigned to the middle click.

At least in Linux, you can press both buttons at the same time to get a middle-click. Also, you can usually turn on the multi-finger tapping. I would assume there is a way to do this in Windows with the right driver, but I don't know for a fact.

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RE[5]: WTF?
by vodoomoth on Wed 6th Oct 2010 14:40 in reply to "RE[4]: WTF?"
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When I installed Ubuntu (probably in May) on a 2003 Acer notebook, I just had multitouch enabled and the internal RTL8180 wifi card connected to a WPA2-protected network... No configuration, no questions asked. I had a true Wow! moment. Props to Linux guys.

The same notebook under Windows doesn't do anything other than WEP and the compatible Synaptics driver I scoured the web before finding uses multitouch for scrolling only, which it doesn't do well. Anyway, none of my notebooks supports multitouch well, and on both, there's no double clicking, whether using the physical buttons or using two fingers.

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RE[6]: WTF?
by fretinator on Wed 6th Oct 2010 14:51 in reply to "RE[5]: WTF?"
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My MSI Wind U230 had the same problem. It shipped with Windows 7, but the touchpad didn't support scrolling at all. The only way to scroll was to click on the trackbar and drag. I couldn't find a driver for it anywhere. I actually run Ubuntu on it, so I no longer have that problem. I just wonder why they ship a laptop like that. It is a Dual-Core Athlon Neo X2, and does HD video, so it is no slacker of a netbook (12-inch).

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