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Multimedia, AV Logitech just presented their first GoogleTV product, the Revue. I've written many times about how the TV is the next big device to get revolutionized. Unfortunately, I personally just don't think that the Revue is "it." Warning: an impulsive, reactionary, but also honest rant is following.
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The real nail in it's coffin
by deathshadow on Thu 7th Oct 2010 01:10 UTC
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Is that for $100 less you can get a ION+Atom powered NetTop like the Acer Revo or Lenovo Ideacenter with Win7 on it that will do everything that does and MORE.

or for $50 more you can get a ION backed 1.8ghz dual core Atom that blows it completely out of the water.

Sure in both cases you might have to drop $10-$20 on a remote (like the Diamond All in Wonder USB), but I guarantee it will be a better rig overall.

More than anything, it's the price-point on what is basically a total joke for hardware and capabilities that spells the doom of these toys. If it was price pointed at $100 we'd be cheering it from the rooftops. At $300 it's a case of "mother ***** you out of your god ***** mind?!?"

Happy owner of a Acer Revo as his media center PC checking in while watching "Burn Notice" in 1080P on it!

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