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Legal And so, the idiocy in the mobile industry continues. Motorola has just upped the ante in this already ridiculous spider web of lawsuits by suing the pants off Apple. Eighteen patents are involved, most of which seem to be actual hardware patents, but that doesn't make some of them any less obvious (apparently, you can patent the location of your antenna). Anywho, like Nokia, Motorola claims that Apple is unwilling to license Motorola's patents, and as such, suing was the only option.
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Good news
by gnufreex on Thu 7th Oct 2010 10:14 UTC
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I like when Apple gets blasted. They love abusing patents, like for example patenting LLVM and Clang so they can sue unsuspecting users when they see fit.

More slaps like this (and that patent troll that robbed them for $200m the other day) are only things that could beat some sense into them.

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RE: Good news
by drahca on Thu 7th Oct 2010 11:40 in reply to "Good news"
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Wow, is there no end to the insanity? From the link:

1. A method for processing computer code, comprising:storing a device-independent intermediate representation of a source code; and in the event an indication is received that the source code has changed, using the changed source code to generate and store a new intermediate representation of the changed source code.
8. A method as recited in claim 1, wherein the intermediate representation comprises LLVM intermediate representation (IR), LLVM byte code or other byte code, or another appropriate intermediate representation.

The part in bold means it is so general it covers nearly all JIT compilers. Completely rediculous.

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RE[2]: Good news
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 7th Oct 2010 14:35 in reply to "RE: Good news"
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Everyone who thinks they can read patent claims should read the above. Its not easy. It takes more than five minutes, but basically you can't just cherry pick a claim out of a patent and think that anything that the claim covers (by itself without the other claims) is automatically infringing.

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RE: Good news
by flanque on Thu 7th Oct 2010 12:41 in reply to "Good news"
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Lets hope they all realise they can sue the pants off each other and voluntarily petition Government to fix it up.

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