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Legal So, Google has finally officially responded (thanks for hosting, Engadget) to Oracle's patent and copyright infringement lawsuit against the search giant's Android mobile operating system. Apart from boatloads of pages on how Google pretty much denies any and all claims, there's a lot of interesting stuff in there - stuff that doesn't seem to bode well if the courts do decide Google is infringing Oracle's patents. It also makes it crystal clear that anyone who values Free and open source software should avoid Oracle products like the plague.
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I am an Amarok user and im already using it. But, is Amarok ready to be included in Meego? Amarok has KDE dependency, which is NOT included in Meego.

I wish Meego uses more KDE technologies, but they arent currently doing so.

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It can be ported. Requires some work, but can be done if there is a determined move to remove mono. But nobody is gonna bother to port because Elop is not going to remove Mono. He is on a mission to MONOpolize everything.

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