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Multimedia, AV Logitech just presented their first GoogleTV product, the Revue. I've written many times about how the TV is the next big device to get revolutionized. Unfortunately, I personally just don't think that the Revue is "it." Warning: an impulsive, reactionary, but also honest rant is following.
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What folks miss...
by jackeebleu on Thu 7th Oct 2010 19:01 UTC
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Or maybe I am missing is the fact that this is a box that sits between your TV and your cable/DSS receiver. So look at it like this:

Cable/DSS ($60/month, basic+ channels worth having)
Internet ($60/month for a speed worth having)
$300 for Logitech Revue

I cant ditch my Cable/DSS for this thing. It will be ad supported in the coming year (Yes, Google has said as much). So not only will I have to deal with the ads on broadcast channels, but also ads showing up somewhere in the UI for the appliance itself whenever I access it. And my cost for entertainment has gone up, not down.

Why do I want apps on my TV? I want to watch TV. If apps can supplement my viewing experience they shouldn't relegate my TV viewing to a small corner of my 65" screen. The presentations Google and Logitech have provided show the device overwhelming the TV experience, not enhancing it.

Im not seeing a reason for broadcast networks supporting it either. If they make their money from ad placement via commercials and charge based on viewership, Google will supplant them since they'll be acting as middle man (where the box sits) during content delivery. No advertiser is going to pay ABC, and then Google to show the same ad during the same show.

For right now, its an answer with no discernible problem.

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