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General Development LLVM 2.8 has been released. The release notes describe this new, ehm, release in greater detail, so head on over and give it a read.
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by Valhalla on Fri 8th Oct 2010 03:56 UTC in reply to "RE: GCC > LLVM"
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Based on what metric?

Sure hope it's not about licences, I'm so tired of that.

From my own tests and from what I've read of others GCC still generates the fastest code, that is even without optimizations such as PGO which llvm lacks, however clang/llvm compiles quite a bit faster (sure, some of it may have to do with not optimizing quite as well as gcc) and the error reporting is imo superior.

The great thing is that clang adopted gcc's flags etc so it should work as a drop-in replacement. And as such there's no need for anyone to put all their eggs in one basket, not even on a per project basis. You can (or atleast will be able to once clang has sufficient compability) use them interchangeably and harness the strenghts of each compiler where it suits you.

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