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OSNews, Generic OSes This is a painful article to write. I've been a longtime fan and user of what is affectionately known as PC/GEOS over the years. However, I'm fearing we're nearing the end of GEOS.
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Thats actually a marketing line for IBM's OS/2. I never saw PC/GEOS commonly referred to in that way.

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I agree that OS/2 used this slogan, but several in the press, praised GeoWorks similarly. Here's a quote from an article I, Cringely wrote in December 1997...

"In the late 1980s, the company now known as Geoworks had the audacity to ship a direct competitor to Windows. Geoworks was then the name of the product and it was better than Windows, offering several powerful integrated applications.

Geoworks ran faster on an 8086 than did Windows on an 80286. Geoworks somehow pasted real multitasking on top of single-tasking DOS..."

And there are similar comments from others in the computing press from the day.

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And here's additional praise from a few other reviews...

AT A GLANCE: Slick, quick, useful combination of accessories featuring a great DOS menu, easy file management and telecommunications. Good choice for those with 8088 and 286 machines or for those not willing to go to Windows.

" is the DOS Programs environment that gives GeoWorks Desktop its true, stand-alone value. The single function of this environment is creating clickable buttons to run DOS programs. In many cases, all you have to do is choose the Create New Button command, find the program file you want to associate with that button, and then choose an icon for the button (icons for many popular DOS programs, as well as a variety of generic icons, are already included).

If necessary, you can append command line options to the button, or create a batch file to set up and execute a program. In any case, clicking on a button you have created suspends PC/GEOS and runs the selected program. When you are finished working with the program and quit, you can either return to PC/GEOS or exit to DOS. This is one of the simplest and most attractive DOS menu utilities I have ever used, and it was so effective I could even run Windows from Desktop without a hitch."

Home Office Computing, Sept, 1992 by Charles Gajeway

"Do you need to use your computer for more than one thing at once? I do, and apparently there are millions more like me, as demonstrated by the sales of DesqView, OS/2, Windows, etc...

What do most graphical multitasking Operating Systems have in common? High system requirements and slow performance. OS/2 (v2.1) for example needs 8 MB of memory and 35 MB of disk space just to run a few small or medium size applications. For major applications to run well, you need even more memory and disk space...

PC/GEOS is the multitasking operating system core of the GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0 software package for the IBM PC. It runs comfortably on a 386SX-16 with 2 MB of memory. The installation takes only 9 MB of disk space."

These authors don't use the exact phrase "better Windows than Windows, a better DOS than DOS, but it's clear that they believed that GeoWorks was well respected as a competitor to OS/2, Windows and DOS back in the day and had much to offer, particularly for computer users with limited system resources.

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Yes, but the exact phrase is what I'm talking about. He put it in quotes as if he were quoting it verbatim from something related to GeoWorks.

..and to borrow that phrase from OS/2 seems questionable considering it was more literally true of that OS at the time.

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