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OSNews, Generic OSes This is a painful article to write. I've been a longtime fan and user of what is affectionately known as PC/GEOS over the years. However, I'm fearing we're nearing the end of GEOS.
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The quotes were to emphasize MY interpretation of PC/GEOS as a "better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows" and supported by at least a few reviewers of the day.

And for the record, at another Comdex around that time I won a free copy of OS/2 WARP. I spent some time with it too and while technically impressive, it was neither as intuitive and easy to use as PC/GEOS (though I appreciate the purity of the object oriented user interface though in my opinion it never really worked, and still doesn't work based on my time over the last couple of months with eComStation) and it definitely required considerably more horsepower.

It's a description that I've used for years to explain PC/GEOS and I think that both operating systems can make claim to the description. There's no copyright restrictions on an idea.

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It's a simple matter of fact that specific phrase was a highly visible marketing line for OS/2 2.x upon release. It was, in fact, right on the packaging of some versions.

I don't personally care if you use it but when talking about historical operating systems it carries specific baggage to those in the know.

You'd have to talk to IBM on whether they have any rights to it. LOL

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