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Google Google's big Android chief Andy Rubin has given an interview to PC Magazine, in which he touches on some interesting topics. Sadly, PC Magazine didn't ask about the patent situation and why Google is seemingly letting its OEMs fend for themselves, but there's still a lot of other interesting stuff in there.
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Biased much ???
by tuzor on Sat 9th Oct 2010 11:16 UTC
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"in these dark times of patent trolling by companies like Microsoft and Apple."

Wait what ???

Biased much ???

How about every single company in the business ?

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RE: Biased much ???
by Neolander on Sat 9th Oct 2010 11:21 in reply to "Biased much ???"
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Nice map ! Shows that it's good to be hardware manufacturers like LG or Samsung in those troubled times : you get insanely rich through a near-duopoly on small screens, and almost no one dares to sue you exactly because of that !

Also, it's very funny to see Apple, in the mobile business since 2007, suing Nokia about things like wireless data and speech coding. I forgot about that... It shows perfectly how much broken the current patent system is, I think.

Finally, I think Thom uses "companies like Microsoft and Apple", because...
-They make among the most stupid and revolting lawsuits out there.
-They have typical characteristics of the average patent lawyer : an old and big company suing on a market where they are not even innovating much.
-They have a known past as bastards in computer science's history.

Those companies illustrate the current mess quite effectively, although there are indeed much more actors, and that's what the "like" in this sentence is for.

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RE[2]: Biased much ???
by arpan on Sat 9th Oct 2010 14:04 in reply to "RE: Biased much ???"
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I believe Apple sued Nokia in response to Nokia using Apple. That appears to be the standard response in a patent lawsuit.

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RE: Biased much ???
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 9th Oct 2010 11:50 in reply to "Biased much ???"
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How about every single company in the business ?

If you want to mention a list but not the entirety of said list, it is an entirely normal practice to mention only the two or three most important items on said list followed or preceded by a list indicator such as "like" or "among others".

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RE[2]: Biased much ???
by kristoph on Sun 10th Oct 2010 19:38 in reply to "RE: Biased much ???"
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Honestly, Thom, you have such wonderful justifications for your bias.

The largest mobile software/hardware company using patents to defend it's turf is not Apple and it's certainly not Microsoft, it's Nokia, arguably followed by Motorola.

In fact, the only top tier mobile company not current patent trolling in the mobile space is RIM (maybe because their Canadian and think the whole thing is stupid).

The fact that you single out companies that you've previously railed against for one reason or another does not help your credibility on this point.


PS. That's not to say Apple or Microsoft are guiltless, clearly their playing the game, but it's a game everyone else is participating in.

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