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Legal Speaking of patent lawsuits - somebody pointed out to me that both Oracle and Google are members of the Open Invention Network. This struck me as odd - doesn't the OIN license require you to promise not to assert your patents against Linux systems? And, uhm, isn't that kind of what Oracle is doing right now? Well, yes, they might be suing a Linux System - but they're not suing a Linux System as defined by the OIN.
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RE[3]: MeeGo = "Linux System"
by tony on Sun 10th Oct 2010 00:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: MeeGo = "Linux System""
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That's a Nokia talking point. It's both a false and meaningless claim. Of course it's Linux. It uses the Linux kernel, GNU userland, and it uses Java technology on top of it. Java isn't Linux, but neither is QT.

That's not entirely correct, it does use the Linux kernel, but that's it. It does not use the usual GNU userland, it has its own which pretty much is the bare minimum needed to bootstrap Dalvik and let the APIs interface with the kernel.

So how does that make it not-Linux? How does MeeGo differ in ways that "make it Linux".

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