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Google Google's big Android chief Andy Rubin has given an interview to PC Magazine, in which he touches on some interesting topics. Sadly, PC Magazine didn't ask about the patent situation and why Google is seemingly letting its OEMs fend for themselves, but there's still a lot of other interesting stuff in there.
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RE: The Android deluge
by molnarcs on Sun 10th Oct 2010 04:57 UTC in reply to "The Android deluge"
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Actually, for me at least, the variety is an advantage. Lots of cool apps depend on numbers. The more people have access to them, the better they are. Layar comes to mind, or Air Painter. Not everyone can afford a 500$+ high-end handsets (we are talking unsubsidized, unlocked price).

One of my colleagues has a Desire, I have a Nexus, both high end phones. However, relatively cheap Android phones are available from China (starting at 200$) - and some people I know plan on buying those. As long as the Market works on them, it's better for me, better for everyone. (I live in Vietnam, it's relatively easy to find cheaper brands of Android around here).

Another example is latitude. Latitude is very useful for families. A colleague of mine told me a story about getting lost in Saigon. Very easy, street numbering here is almost random (they restart it once a street crosses a district), and there are so many alleys, the whole city is like a labyrinth. He was a bit drunk too. Called the wife to ask her where the fuck he was. Took a lot of time to identify the place. With latitude, that would have been instantaneous. To take advantage of the equivalent on iOS, the whole family would need to buy an 500$+ handset. With Android you have more choice, could buy the LG OPtimus for 280$ for the kids, a Nexus or somesuch for yourself, etc. - while getting more or less the same capabilities when it comes to some of the coolest apps.

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