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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Yes, yes, it's that time of the year again - a new Fiona Apple album confirmed (which makes anything that happens between now and spring 2011 irrelevant and annoying), MorphOS 2.6 released (will be the next news item), and, of course, a new Ubuntu release showcasing the best of the best that the Free software world has to offer in the desktop world.
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RE: Meerkats are so Passé...
by Radio on Sun 10th Oct 2010 15:20 UTC in reply to "Meerkats are so Passé..."
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Rhaaa, for ****'s sake, everybody shouted at Ubuntu for being to bleeding-edge and shipping with broken last-minute implementations, and now...

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google_ninja Member since:

its cause it seems a bit odd to bump the version number just because you integrate your store into the package manager

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-oblio- Member since:

They are not bumping the version number ;)
10.10 - October 2010.

All their releases are "bumping" the version number, because they're, you know, dates ;)

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hufman Member since:

I wonder if there's a bug in the Unicode handling of OSnews?

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gloucestershrubhill Member since:

I have no problem at all with bleeding edge or, obviously for an early-adopter, with the associated bugs. During most releases Ubuntu feels like it's leaping forward at a pace, but Maverick just feels like a stop-gap until unico- oops, I mean GNOME 3. Fiddling round the edges. This is one of the problems with a 6-month cycle; some releases will be inevitably humdrum.

Still, it's provided something to moan about, and that's always a boon!

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orestes Member since:

Indeed. Steady and stable is a *good* thing for any distro that wants to win over "Joe User" en masse. Users who want to chase the bleeding edge would probably be happier with something like Fedora or Debian Unstable

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