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Editorial In response to Jean-Louis Glassee's article "The OS Doesn't Matter..." I wrote quite simply: the future of the browser wars is he who integrates with the OS best. This phrase came from my article lambasting Microsoft's use of HTML for their IE9 jump lists, which caused quite a stir. In the wave of ever increasing web browser capability, the operating system is going to matter to web users more than it ever has before.
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Unless, someone makes a cheap web server as easy to administer.

Opera has already gone that way with Opera Unite. I can access my files from wherever I am in the world, stream my music to whatever computer I'm using (until the music industry finds out about this and criminalizes me). Of course, that server runs inside the Opera browser. I know nothing about the security of it in terms of access (I mean someone trying to read my files). I don't know whether the app and infrastructure are not doing something nasty behind my back such as logging my passwords... But I guess it's no different from entering the same passwords in the browser.

Like its built into your cable/dsl modem and works as easy and painless as wifi/dhcp.

you forgot "when they work fine" at the end of the sentence :-)

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