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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless More mobile phone news! Rumours of an upcoming Palm Pre 2 have been swirling for a while, but now a French carrier has jumped the gun and spilled all the beans. Clearly a transitional device to bridge the gap between the first true HP devices, the devices updates and streamlines the Palm Pre Plus with an updated case, display, and internals. Also, it will pack webOS 2.0.
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RE[3]: Screen size seems the same?
by dagw on Wed 13th Oct 2010 07:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Screen size seems the same?"
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Then buy a feature phone.

What if I actually want android and all the advantages it brings?

Good luck browsing web forums and such with a 3.1"

I have an X10 mini pro with a 2.6" screen and find most web pages perfectly usable.

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phoenix Member since:

I have an X10 mini pro with a 2.6" screen and find most web pages perfectly usable.

How's the build quality of the X10 mini-pro? What's it like typing on the small keyboard?

I'm very intrigued by it, and have been waiting for Rogers to bring it to Canada. I've seen the X10 mini, and it's smaller than I expected.

It's very hard to find a smallish Android phone with a full keybaord (onscreen keyboards all suck, and I don't want to waste half of the screen for the keyboard).

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dagw Member since:

To be honest the build quality feels OK, but not great. That being said I've had it for 6 month so far, carried it in my jeans pocket with out any protective case and generally treated it without too much care, and it's still as solid as the day I bought it.

So while it might feel a bit plastic and not super solid it hasn't actually shown any signs of lacking in build quality.

As for the keyboard, I love it. Much better than any touch screen keyboard I've tried. Sure it's not in the same league as larger phone keyboards (like the old Nokia Communicators), but for the size it works great.

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