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Google Interesting little digging from TechCrunch's MG Siegler: as it turns out, Google's Chrome OS is nearing completion. The company is currently testing a release candidate build, and has reiterated that devices running Chrome OS will arrive later this year.
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RE: "use cases" for Chrome OS
by wargum on Wed 13th Oct 2010 10:15 UTC in reply to ""use cases" for Chrome OS"
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Good question. I am very sceptic, too. Also, Android's success is quite a problem for Chrome OS, IMHO. The OEMs are just getting familiar with Android right now, the flood of upcomming devices is right around the corner and consumers seem to like Android quite a bit with it's more traditional general purpose approach.

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vodoomoth Member since:

If Chrome OS can boot faster than Android, it'll have a right to exist. My HTC Desire needs more than 45 seconds to boot! with a 1 Ghz processor! That should be unacceptable for all engineers involved.

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Thats including 10 seconds for that silly HTC video to play when the phone boots right?

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then chrome os is what you want. At their presentation of chrome os they said that it will boot in less than 7 seconds

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