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BeOS & Derivatives Due to user donations, Haiku, Inc. has enough money to pay Axel through to at least the end of November, as a full, 40-hour-a-week employee. He has also started maintaining a blog of his work.
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First employee?
by bryanv on Thu 13th Oct 2005 16:30 UTC
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Shouldn't this be first hired (payed) developer?

Michael Phipps has been the founder (and employee) doing all the work for Haiku, Inc. for a while now... of course, he's not paid afaik.

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RE: First employee?
by on Thu 13th Oct 2005 16:43 in reply to "First employee?"
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The boss isn't generally considered an "employee", but the "employer". Even when he does work in his own business.

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RE: First employee?
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 13th Oct 2005 16:58 in reply to "First employee?"
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I'd think he'd be more of a volunteer than an employee - not that that lessens the value of all the work he's done.

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