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Linux Well, this is quite interesting. This is one of those items where I have to make sure everybody realises I'm no developer as to not make myself look like an idiot. Having said that - LinSched. It's a user-space program that hosts the Linux kernel scheduler, so you can create and test scheduling policies on arbitrary hardware topologies - without actually having to work with the real hardware.
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idprio prio dammit!
by Nagilum on Thu 14th Oct 2010 16:15 UTC
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I rather wish someone would implement something like FreeBSD's idprio for Linux. A CPU hog keeps hogging it's CPU even if set to nice +20 and SCHED_IDLEPRIO. ;)

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RE: idprio prio dammit!
by gus3 on Fri 15th Oct 2010 02:07 in reply to "idprio prio dammit!"
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Have you looked into "ionice"? I don't know how ioprio works, so that may be a red herring for you.

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RE[2]: idprio prio dammit!
by Nagilum on Fri 15th Oct 2010 08:35 in reply to "RE: idprio prio dammit!"
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Yes, I'm familiar with ionice it's for the IO scheduler, not what I'm looking for.
In the FreeBSD scheduler the idle prio class only receives CPU if no other process in a higher class (realtime, normal) requires CPU.
Practical example:
On my dual CPU machine I run VirtualBox, the process uses like ~180% CPU and the system being ~10% idle (or wait state, same thing to me).
Now I run mencoder with nice +20 and SCHED_IDLEPRIO (and ionice -c 3 if you like) and I can see that VirtualBox CPU usage is throttled down to ~120-160% while mencoder receives 30-60% CPU.
If do the same on FreeBSD and run mencoder with idprio 31 then it only uses the ~10% the system was idle before. VirtualBox will run undisturbed.

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