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KDE In his lengthy and interesting blog post covering the future of Plasma, KDE's Aaron Seigo proposes Qt Quick and QML (a declarative language that embeds JavaScript) as replacement of the Graphics View architecture currently used by Plasma. This holds a promise of massive speedups and cheap effects as all paint operations become candidates for OpenGL acceleration, contrary to the aging Graphics View architecture that is still stuck with various inefficiencies caused by the underlying QPainter approach. Expressiveness and easy programmability of QML is a nice bonus, of course.
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by nt_jerkface on Thu 14th Oct 2010 20:30 UTC in reply to "..."
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I don't forget that QML is the "me too" answer to Adobe Air, Java FX and MS WPF, and all those three technologies stayed just on the hype, I don't think QML will be different, anyway, the best of luck.

I can't speak for Air or FX but WPF is definitely not riding on hype. WPF vs Winforms is debated endlessly in .net forums but everyone agrees that WPF comes with discernible benefits. Very few would suggest using Winforms if the targeted audience is Windows7/Vista users.

You also can't expect an explosion of applications immediately after a new framework is released. Software takes time to develop and for a lot of applications it isn't cost effective for the company to switch over.

Some key benefits of WPF only work with Win7/Vista so WPF will become more appealing as the XP market starts to shrink. Give it some time, WPF applications are on the way.

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