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Morphos So, yeah, as we already detailed almost two weeks ago, MorphOS 2.6 has been released. We've already discussed this one and its new features last time around, so I'm having a little trouble coming up with stuff to write about, but I'll do my best to find anything interesting in the detailed release notes - as inexperienced as I am with MorphOS.
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RE: Demo version?
by Android Fan on Thu 14th Oct 2010 23:43 UTC in reply to "Demo version?"
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jamesgecko, it comes on an ISO file which is burned to CD for a bootable LiveCD. The LiveCD runs the OS by itself from the optical drive, but may also be installed to hard-drive (which performs better). The installer is a user-friendly tool in the OS, and accessible by GUI (like nearly everything else). The ISO is available for free download by anyone. The 30-minute limit is removed by online purchase of registration/key file. There is a tool in the OS itself that enables the purchase in a user-friendly way. If you choose not to register, you can use the 30-minute version indefinitely, but you'll be interrupted and have to reboot every 30 minutes.

If you have the hardware, give it a try, you might really like it. Linux has more capable and more numerous apps, but if you think there's no advantage at all to MorphOS over Linux (or OS X), you just haven't experienced the responsiveness and fast feel of MorphOS.

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