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Apple Is it an indication of Steve Jobs' (in)famous strive for perfection, or just stupid bone-headedness? The white variant of the iPhone 4 was first delayed for a few weeks, but those few weeks became 'end of the year'. Now we know why: the manufacturers Apple employs are apparently having issues matching the shades of white of the various components. This anecdote ties in nicely with a very interesting interview with John Sculley about Steve Jobs' ways of doing business.
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RE: Akio Morita
by indech on Sat 16th Oct 2010 00:58 UTC in reply to "Akio Morita"
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Mr. Morita had, as stated on the interview, a legendary attention to details but, unlike Jobs, he was a very humble person - which seems to be an inherent virtue of many Japanese people, it seems

It's a cultural thing. Asia is very collectivistic, where as most of the western world is more individualistic.

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RE[2]: Akio Morita
by tylerdurden on Sat 16th Oct 2010 02:06 in reply to "RE: Akio Morita"
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The USA is hardly "most of the Western world" :-)

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RE[3]: Akio Morita
by Eddyspeeder on Sat 16th Oct 2010 12:57 in reply to "RE[2]: Akio Morita"
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Surprise, Australia and Europe are also individualistic societies.

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