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Legal And we have another interesting development in the ongoing and ever-expanding idiocy that is the War of the High-Fiving Lawyers Mobile Patent World War. Motorola, now a central player in this worldwide conflict that is hurting consumers' wallets and clogging legal systems all over the world, has come to HTC's rescue by seeking to invalidate the patents Apple sued HTC with earlier this year.
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RE[5]: Motorola...
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 18th Oct 2010 14:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Motorola..."
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And the iPhoneOS is simply an avolution of PalmOS and Windows Mobile, which were both stylus-optimised - using the finger instead of the stylus was simply the next step in touch-oriented UI design. Apple does UI design very well, and as such, they got it pretty right with the iOS. However, to claim that was some sort of magical revolution that Apple came up with in a total vacuum is something only fanboys can claim with a straight face.

Apple's iPhone is built on top of the immense investments *in hardware* made by *other* companies, the GSM heavyweights like Motorola and Nokia. *Their* investments built the worldwide mobile network and spread the mobile phone around the world. And now, as the lawsuits show, Apple is trying to weasel their way out of owning up to that massive investment - an investment, I might add, which costs FAR more money than developing a UI. Software is incredibly cheap to develop compared to hardware and infrastructure.

Software-wise, the iPhone borrows an immense amount of know-how and design from especially the PalmOS' single-tasking interface. When I first used an iPhone, it surprised me just how incredibly similar PalmOS and the iPhone really were, interface-wise - except that the iPhone had multitouch and thus focussed on fingers, whereas the PalmOS focussed on the stylus.

History is being rewritten by the Apple fanboys right before our very eyes. Yes, the iPhone caused a shift in the mobile phone world, but this was only made possible by the immense groundwork and infrastructure building by companies like Motorola and Nokia, and the software work by companies like Palm.

If you take any iPhone, only the software has been designed by Apple. Everything else is technology developed elsewhere - the radio, wireless networking, the ARM architecture, the display, everything.

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RE[6]: Motorola...
by Lennie on Mon 18th Oct 2010 18:05 in reply to "RE[5]: Motorola..."
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They also where first to market. Atleast in a big way.

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