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Legal And we have another interesting development in the ongoing and ever-expanding idiocy that is the War of the High-Fiving Lawyers Mobile Patent World War. Motorola, now a central player in this worldwide conflict that is hurting consumers' wallets and clogging legal systems all over the world, has come to HTC's rescue by seeking to invalidate the patents Apple sued HTC with earlier this year.
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RE[3]: Motorola...
by vivainio on Mon 18th Oct 2010 19:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Motorola..."
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If you make it easier for people to copy your inventions, you will have a society that basically sits around waiting for somebody to innovate, and then steals those ideas without investing a dime.

Ironically, in the archaic times, patents were supposed to facilitate copying of inventions.

Who would want to invest significant dollars and effort in any enterprise, knowing that their competitors will just rip-off whatever they produce? I would argue that this just slows down the pace of innovation. It doesn't increase it.

It's simple - in software, implementation is king and ideas are dime a dozen. If you only have ideas and can not execute, you should not get rich in this business. Please find a business more suitable for your psychological setup (like marketing?)

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