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In the News An interesting discussion is currently raging through the world of computing, or more accurately, through the world of bloggers and analysts. It basically comes down to this: should the iPad be included in laptop and desktop sales figures? If it is included - Apple becomes the largest PC manufacturer in the United States. But, if the iPad should be included - why not the modern smartphone?
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RE: Because
by kaiwai on Tue 19th Oct 2010 03:11 UTC in reply to "Because"
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A smart phone is a phone and an iPad isn't?

Then what is the difference between an iPad 3G and a Smart Phone? both of them have a connection to a mobile phone network with the only thing missing is the voice functionality.

If one is going to split off the iPad into its own category then you should do like wise when it comes to netbooks as well. Personally I think the whole segmentation attempts by some is stupid - you'd be better off looking at the demographics of the customers as a basis of whether investment into a particular area in the form of software, hardware or accessories will pay off in the long run. If 35million netbooks are sold but half of them are pirating cheap skates who have no interest in actually spending money on stuff other than a netbook then it gives a distorted image of how many potential customers are versus the total sales. Hence these statistics are meaningless when one considers how they're applied when making decisions.

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