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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Catfight! Get out your mobile phones and start filming, because two important personalities in the mobile world just got into a catfight. After the presentation of Apple's (once again) stellar quarterly results (what's with the low iPad sales, though?), Apple's CEO Steve Jobs went on a bit of a tangent regarding Android (among other things). Google's Andy Rubin, the father of Android, responded in a pretty fun way via Twitter.
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Check the date of the article too - not too long after the OTA update of Froyo. The article concludes that putting Froyo on the Hero makes it "pretty much perfect". Estimated time to install ... about 15 minutes (not including download times of course).

Now I certainly concede the point that manufacturers should support their devices longer (although the warranty itself is only 1 year). Of course I would be happier if HTC itself released updates for their old phones, but the very least they let users update. This also neatly supports Rubin's retort - yes, that's openness, when random devs can download the source code and modify it to run on pretty much anything.

All I can say about the 1 year warranty and Android availability - iPhone 3G was released July 2008, over 2 years ago and yet one is able to run iOS 4.1 on it. If Apple can provide software updates to a device over 2 years old then I think HTC can do the same.

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Apple releases 1 device/year, HTC over a dozen, running on different platforms (winmo 6.5 now 7, Android, and they even have a Brew device). That said, I completely agree with you. I even think that it might be beneficial for them. It would certainly incur additional costs, but it would also make customers more loyal, which might be an important asset in such a highly competitive market. One positive thing about HTC though is that they are one of the more hacker friendly manufacturers, so at least we can do it ourselves. But as I said, I agree that it would be nice if they provided longer support.

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I've got an iPhone 3G. I haven't upgraded to iOS4 and anyone who hasn't yet, shouldn't.

Not only do you not get any of the new features (well one or two, but I honestly can't think what they are beyond the ability to skip tracks via bluetooth AVRCP in 4.2 which should have been there all along) it radically slows your device to near unusable levels. 4.2 improves on 4.1 but is still much slower than version 3.

With this kind of "support" who needs enemies?

(Note that the only reason I didn't upgrade before the initial wave of complaints is because the iTunes upgrade repeatedly crashed with totally incomprehensible error messages e.g. "-43 error". Saved from one Apple software disaster by another, how ironic considering that the fanboys would have you believe that Apple simply doesn't have these problems)

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