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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Steve Jobs' rant against Android, RIM, and 7" tablets couldn't go by unnoticed, of course. We already had the rather dry response from Google's Andy Rubin, but Mountain View isn't the only one who responded. TweetDeck's CEO wasn't particularly pleased by Jobs distorting TweetDeck's story on developing for Android, and now we have RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie who slammed Cupertino pretty hard.
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1) The only iPhone that's depreciated is the 2G, which is ~four years old. Your father's 3G can run iOS4.

And with how much features disabled exactly ?

I find these discussions about firmware upgrades a bit pointless. Upgrading a firmware is a dangerous task which can break the device if something goes wrong. Not to mention potential performance issues, with iOS4-like market fragmentation as the sole known alternative, and usability ones if the new firmware behaves differently in some way (I've seen a real-life example of this with an iTouch which had been upgraded to iOS 4). Average users just shouldn't have to care about it.

If you were satisfied with the device you bought and if app compatibility is done right, you shouldn't need the upgrade. If you weren't satisfied, you shouldn't have bought the device in the first place.

Now, if you tell me that upgrading the firmware is for geeks only, then I'm okay with that. But geeks have enough knowledge to install a custom FW, and to try to fix the device themselves if they break it.

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