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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Catfight! Get out your mobile phones and start filming, because two important personalities in the mobile world just got into a catfight. After the presentation of Apple's (once again) stellar quarterly results (what's with the low iPad sales, though?), Apple's CEO Steve Jobs went on a bit of a tangent regarding Android (among other things). Google's Andy Rubin, the father of Android, responded in a pretty fun way via Twitter.
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RE[3]: Open
by l3v1 on Wed 20th Oct 2010 08:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Open"
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Windows is the dominant PC operating system therefore by Jobs' definition it is the most "open".

Of course I get that [what this defintion might imply], but that doesn't make it any more true. We've seen many trials of redefining open&free&co over the years from various companies, by keeping to use it in contexts it doesn't [shouldn't] fit, but calling something open just because it's being used by most, doesn't fit with anything I would call open. It's just simple availability, in that it is available to be used and to develop for it by anyone, which is nice in itself, still doesn't make it open.

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