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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This is kind of... Well, good news, I suppose? It depends on where you allegiances lie, but it seems like Ubuntu is warming up to the idea of using Qt to develop applications. It's no secret that Qt is a far more advanced development framework than Gtk+, so it only makes sense for Ubuntu - a GNOME/Gtk+ distribution - is looking at it.
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RE: I have to say it...
by lemur2 on Thu 21st Oct 2010 02:48 UTC in reply to "I have to say it..."
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I'm one of those fellows that refuse to install a Qt app on my GNOME desktop... for the same reason I don't like install a Java app. It behaves and looks differently than the rest of my apps. I've tried KDE - but it's ugly in my opinion, and not as polished as GNOME. That's my perspective as a user. However, as a developer I'd be absolutely thrilled if there was a GNOME-like DE developed in Qt - that would rock.

In some respects I am similar ... I don't like GNOME applications on my KDE desktop. Gtk+ applications are tolerable, because KDE can integrate them well enough, but GNOME apps behave badly and they don't look good.

Not to worry though, most of the GNOME apps are over-simplistic and not flexible enough to bother with much. Using KDE I get to run all of the integrated-with-each-other apps in the KDE SC, and I can run Qt-based non-KDE apps and they are right at home and well integrated also, and even the gtk+ apps don't jar too badly except perhaps when it comes to a clumsy and limited GNOMEish file picker dialog box or the like.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the boholder, it would seem.

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