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Apple So, Apple held its usual autumn press get-together just now, and after a few rather uninspiring ones (to me, at least), they finally managed to blow me away, with the new MacBook Air (especially the 11.6" variant). They also gave a sneak peek at Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which has... An App Store. An App Store Apple is going to open on Snow Leopard within 90 days.
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RE[7]: Emperor Palpatine
by rhavyn on Thu 21st Oct 2010 03:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Emperor Palpatine"
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Nothing in here that isn't stupid and ad-hominem.

I'm angry and opinionated.
This user's just trolling.

Does that mean we can't be friends?

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RE[8]: Emperor Palpatine
by TheGZeus on Thu 21st Oct 2010 04:23 in reply to "RE[7]: Emperor Palpatine"
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You are a user.

Ironically, users are actually the ones being used, because if you don't understand what you're using, you're going to get used.
Once you understand what you're using, you have little choice but to be a programmer. Even if you're just using a language of physical gestures, that you have to manually repeat every time you want a sequence executed, you know what's actually happening, and you're intentionally causing it.

An old-ish saying: "The difference between users and programmers is that programmers know there's no difference".
I'd like to ammened that idea.
A user is someone who wants to not know what their computers are doing.

Make sure to have them check your blinker fluid next time you fill up the radiator bearing when you get your tires double-rotated.
(see, that's me calling you stupid for being an Apple Person, a plebe, who doesn't have the slightest desire to understand the world around them)

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